How to Watch Kansas City Chiefs Game Live Stream Online

Do you love the Kansas City Chiefs? I mean really love them to the point of ignoring the call of nature because you don’t want to miss some Alex Smith magic. Well, thanks to the internet you can conduct your business no matter where you are.

Whether you need to get yard work done, traveling for family vacation, or chaperoning in the morning after your baby girl’s slumber party, you may want to know How to Watch Kansas City Chiefs Game Live Stream Online.

Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure that this entire discussion will aid you a lot in this regard.

How to Watch Kansas City Chiefs Game Live Stream Online?

Online streaming has never been easier with so many online live streaming services that allow you to access live games anywhere. The top streaming services help you to Watch the Chiefs Game Live Stream Online.

Ways 1: NFL Game Pass

It provides live feeds of preseason games and full replays of regular season games in full HD.

1st Step: Go to NFL Game Pass.

2nd Step: Click ‘One Time Payment’ or ‘Free Trial’.

3rd Step: Sign in or Create an Account to fill the subscription process.

4th Step: Before the subscription, thoroughly read the terms and Condition and the Privacy Policy.

5th Step: After completing the subscription process, it charges $124.99.

Are You Stay in Europe? Don’t know How to Watch Kansas City Chiefs Game Live Stream Online from Europe? 

Here is the instruction for you to know how to watch Chiefs game live stream iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows devices through NFL Game Pass.

Ways 2: NFL Sunday Ticket

This service is provided by DirecTV. This allows you to stream out-of-market games every week.

Kansas City residents won’t get benefit from this package, but for those die-hard Kansas City Chiefs, fans who live somewhere else can get their fix in perfect HD quality.

This service is also available to the fans who can’t get DirecTV via NFLSundayTicket.TV.

1st Process: Visit the Website.

2nd Process: Enter your ZIP code, unit and street address and click on “check availability”.

3rd Process: The prices start at $69.99/month for 3 months or a one-off payment of $279.96, for all Sunday games. The Max bundle of $379.96 adds some flavor to the mix with NFL Red Zone and DirecTV Fantasy Zone.

4th Process: Follow the instruction to complete registration and payment for your account.


A paid streaming service that gives access to TV stations via internet streaming. Packages beginning at $20 per month and can be piecemeal to include all your favorite sports, including the Chiefs. you also get 7 days free trial.

How to Watch Kansas City Chiefs Game Live Stream Online in my area?

You can check the availability of the Sling TV in your area.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue, another streaming service connected via the internet. Technology powerhouse Sony has used their wildly successful Playstation platform to launch a TV streaming service.

How to Watch Kansas City Chiefs Game Live Stream Online through PlayStation?

You can watch the Chiefs dominating the fields from the comfort of your computer, smartphone, tablet, or PlayStation console.

1st Procedure: You can set what channels you want to watch based on zip code, and even purchase “sports packages” that include live stream Chiefs game as well as of all NFL games.

2nd Procedure: Select any plans like Ultra, Elite, Core.

3rd Procedure: After a free trial period, the subscription fee will be varied according to the plans.

How to Watch Kansas City Chiefs Game Live Stream Online free?

We all like the word “free” and love to get benefit from almost no investment. The free option gives access to weekly games on a variety of platforms. Regional broadcast rights prohibit the reproduction or rebroadcasting of NFL content. Moreover, free services also suffer from lower bandwidth access which means you may have to watch in a lower definition or fight with connection issues.

What channel is the Chiefs game tonight?

FOX, CBS, NBC will provide Chiefs game tv coverage of Sunday night games and ESPN will show you free live stream KC Chiefs game of Monday games.

Paid Vs Free Subscription

You have two basic options for streaming the games. The first is a paid subscription service. They provide live streaming of the games every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday, to your computer, Android or iOS tablet, and smartphone.

Moreover, the benefit of going with a paid service is more consistent streaming of every game. Furthermore, paid services to take care of the licensing and broadcast rights to make sure you can watch every game uninterrupted.